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Horse Feed Supplements

Recomin Gold AD3


As horses grow older, their nutrient needs change. This might be due to bad or missing teeth, changes in metabolism, or less efficient digestion.

"In general, a healthy older horse that doesn't have metabolic problems has nutrient requirements a little higher than a mature horse in its prime," she says. "An older horse's requirements are very similar to those of a young, growing horse. Digestive efficiency is reduced in older horses. Like older humans, many of them get thin. They are in a more catabolic state-- metabolizing muscle tissue."

Thus, the old horse needs more feed, but it must contain all of his nutrient requirements; you should not increase calories just by adding more grain. He needs a concentrate with less grain and higher levels of soluble fiber and fat.

Recomin Gold AD3
  • For improving fertility, Productivity and Growth
  • Fortified with bypass methionine complex
  • Metho-Chelated minerals & Vitamins combination.


Nutritional value per 1 kg.

Fat soluble Vitamins:
Vitamin A : 7, 00,000 I.U
Vitamin D3: 70,000 I.U
Vitamin E: 250mg
Protein (33%): 10g
Calcium 255g
Phosphorus 127.5g
Magnesium 6g
Water Soluble Vitamins:  
Nicotinamide 1000mg
Trace Minerals:  
Copper  4.2g
Cobalt 150mg
Iodine 325mg
Iron 1.5g
Manganese 1.5g
Selenium 10mg
Zinc 9.6g
Sodium 6mg
Sulphur 7.2g
Potassium 100mg
Wonder Herbs of Ayurveda  
Satawari (Aspargu Racemosus) 10g
Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera) 5g
Jewanti (Leptidinia Reticulate) 10g

Animal feed Supplement

  • Not for Human/Medicinal use
  • Mixing Ratio: 30g per cow/buffalo per day to be mixed in the feed
  • Storage: Store at a Temperature not exceeding 30o C, Protect from sunlight.
  • Best before 36 months from manufacturing date