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MACK AURAA DRUGS is synonymous to the Air, the appearance, the atmosphere, the characteristic, the feeling, the impression, the quality and the sensation which lead to more than satisfaction, more than reliability, more than style & panache and more than providing world- class branded equipment and healthcare products vsales & after sales services. MACK AURAA aims at producing world’s best products in a jiffy at your service.

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Ayurvedic is nothing but the transmission of medical knowledge from Gods to sages and human physicians.


Providing you the best range of Aloe Vera Capsule, Ashvagandha and other herbal capsules with effective & timely delivery.


Leading Manufacturer of Agrocal Gold Ad3 and Recomin Gold Ad3 Veterinary Medicines from Nashik.


Allopathy is an experimental approach which focus on scientific clinical trial and treating symptoms with interventions.


Leading Manufacturer of Mack Karanja, Neem Rich, Mack Silica and other Agricultural Medicines from Nashik.

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